Workforce Talent
Educators Association

Opportunity Through Outcomes

The Workforce Talent Educators Association provides a new benchmark for quality in education: the job market success of graduates. We evaluate excellence in career-building education by focusing on assessment and outcomes, freeing institutions to find innovative educational models that serve the needs of learners and open underutilized talent pathways for employers.
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Founding Members

WTEA Founding Members are not only outstanding leaders in their fields, they also exemplify the commitment to our five guideposts for excellent career-building educators.






Mike Reeser
Chancellor and CEO
Texas State Technical College

" Given that the vast majority of students who attend post-secondary education do so in order to qualify for high-value employment, this new emphasis within accreditation is long overdue.


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WTEA association members and accreditation partners are creating a dynamic education ecosystem with career pathways and education models as varied as our diverse learner population.

We are educators, employers, nonprofits, and community leaders, working together to create a system where all learners have access to career-building education and training opportunities that work for them.

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