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WTEA Members are dedicated to connecting education and employment to create more opportunity for all learners.

Skills-Based Job Board

Find employers that hire based on skills, not degrees.

Quality Assurance

WTEA offers QA solutions for educators, employers, investors, and grantors.

Career Impact Audit

The Career Impact Audit allows educators to demonstrate excellence in three areas that predict the workforce success of program graduates: Historical Workforce Outcomes, Quality Management Practices, and Curriculum Fidelity and Relevance. The Career Impact Audit is both a third-party endorsement of program excellence to be used in attracting students, employers, investors, and grantors, and a mechanism for continuous improvement.

Institutional Outcomes Review

An Institutional Outcomes Review provides an independent, third-party validation of key metrics for career-building educators: completion rates, employment rates, in-field job placement, employer satisfaction, and return on investment. The Institutional Outcomes Review automatically qualifies all institution programs for WTEA Verified Badges.

Due Diligence Review

The Due Diligence Review will give stakeholders a consolidated ‘health card’ report that includes the relevant qualitative, regulatory, and marketing/press metrics that are most important from a consumer/borrower protection position.

WTEA Verified Badges

WTEA Verified Badges are designed to allow institutions to market third-party verified outcomes metrics that matter to students and employers. Following an audit of program workforce outcomes institutions can receive WTEA Verified Badges for Completion, In-Field Job Placement, and Earnings. Badges can be displayed on the institutions website and at participating program search boards.
WTEA members receive a 20% discount on all quality assurance products.


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