WTEA members are drawn together by a dedication to improve career-building education. We are educators, employers, and community stakeholders who believe education should be a pathway to a meaningful career for everyone.

WTEA Membership

Membership in the WTEA is open to educators and community stakeholders who seek to improve career-building education by focusing on our five Guiding Commitments:


We believe that beneficial educational investments are based on well informed choices. We are committed to the transparency of information and data as it relates to the expectations, academic requirements, and outcomes reporting. 


The role of the educator is to maximize learner success and skill acquisition to a meaningful outcome. We commit to assessing learner skill development and mastery, instructor effectiveness, and support-program design to ensure we maximize learner success.


Effective career-building education is a partnership between educators and employers. We commit to build and maintain our curriculum prioritizing feedback and input from employers with the direct objective of preparing our students for the workforce through skill-building academic experiences.


We measure our success as career-building educators by tracking the career preparation, progress, and satisfaction of our learners and employer partners. We commit to consistently acquiring data from our learners, alumni, and employers to ensure our educational experiences lead to workplace success.


We believe that creating and promoting access to our programs will directly contribute to the diversity of ideas and thoughts in an academic community, and will lead to a stronger, more engaged, and more reflective talent pool for employers. We commit to seek additional pathways to engage a diverse set of students and to maximize their preparation for workplace success.

Membership Benefits

Community +

Quarterly networking opportunities exclusive to WTEA members.
Reduced registration fee for the annual HIR(ED) Summit- the only conference dedicated to accelerated learning and workforce talent development.

Advocacy + Governance

Membership is the required pathway to WTEA Accreditation.
Eligible to serve on Employer and Academic Advisory Councils.
Eligible to serve on WTEA Accreditation Standards Development and Review Council.


20% discount on all 2021-2022 Career Impact Audit packages.
WTEA-only pricing for access to:
SkillsEngine's Calibrate® platform,
Prentus' all-in-one student placement platform for outcome-focused schools, and
Craft Education's job embedded learning platform.

Membership Fees

Educator memberships are open to all institutions who enroll students for the purpose of instruction or training. Stakeholder memberships are open to any individual or organization who wants to contribute to a move toward outcomes-based quality assurance in education.

Educator Membership:


Stakeholder Membership:


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WTEA association members and accreditation partners are creating a dynamic education ecosystem with career pathways and education models as varied as our diverse learner population.

We are educators, employers, nonprofits, and community leaders, working together to create a system where all learners have access to career-building education and training opportunities that work for them.

Join us and be part of a movement that values your work in the career-building community!
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