Assuring Quality

In Career-Building Education

Meet the WTEA Standards Advisory Board!

Quality Assurance should be a foundation for
access and innovation. At WTEA we measure what matters for workforce success.

WTEA Accreditation

Excellence in career-building education.

WTEA accreditation standards are based on outcomes and results, not inputs, leaving programs free to innovate while ensuring the highest rigour in quality assurance.


Programs must display all program requirements, policies, and required workforce outcomes prominently on the program or institution website.

Skills Assessment

Programs must use effective assessment techniques to ensure knowledge and skill acquisition is in line with employer expectations.


Programs must track and report graduate employment outcomes: in-field job placement rate, earnings, and program ROI.

Student Success Assessment

Programs must track and report student success outcomes: graduation rate and satisfactory academic progress.


Programs must maintain state registration, good financial standing, and other governance procedures to ensure quality operations.

Download the WTEA Workforce Success Standards

WTEA has not sought recognition for its accreditation from the US Department of Education. WTEA accreditation will not confer institutional eligibility for participation in Federal Student Aid Programs.

WTEA Accreditation will provide a quality signal to students, parents, employers, and stakeholders that your educational program prepares students for career success in their field.
we will invite programs to participate in accreditation in 2023.
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Standards Advisory Board

Shane Bartholomew,
Vice President of Operations
Silotech Group

Yuanxia Ding,
Career Choice Global Pathways,

Kimberly Eckert,
Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Reach University

Ludovic Fourrage,
Founder and CEO,

Jeffrey Frey,
Vice President of Innovation
Abilene Christian University

Celina Garza,
Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness,
Texas State Technical College

Lauren Johnson
Home Builders Institute

Kristína Moss Gunnarsdottir,
Chief of Staff,
Jobs For the Future

Lesia Harhaj-Kudryk,
Director of Career Success
Fullstack Academy

R.C. Johnson,
Senior Director of Engineering,
Tech Industry

Hosea Jones,
Business Development
Career Circle

Michael Kaiser-Nyman,

Darryl Mosley,
Senior Director, Defense Cyber and Missions Systems
Silotech Group

Steve Smith,
Director of Student Success Initiatives
Trellis Company

Veronique St Germain,
Head of Talent

Crista Wray,
Sr Product Manager for Bootcamps,
Ascent Funding

Annie Bowers,
Ex Officio Member,
Higher Education Consulting

WTEA association members and accreditation partners are creating a dynamic education ecosystem with career pathways and education models as varied as our diverse learner population.

We are educators, employers, nonprofits, and community leaders, working together to create a system where all learners have access to career-building education and training opportunities that work for them.

Join us and be part of a movement that values your work in the career-building community!
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