Managing Director
Jennifer Dirmeyer, PhD

Managing Director,
Chief Operating Officer
Joseph Kozusko, PhD

WTEA was founded on the belief that education should be a pathway to meaningful work for everyone.

A healthy education infrastructure requires a close link between education and employers. Our modern, varied workforce landscape and diverse talent population require educational opportunities in equally varied and diverse forms. WTEA saw the need for a quality assurance process that respects those differences while ensuring excellence in career preparation.

The WTEA evaluates excellence in career-building education with a focus on rigorous assessment of workforce outcomes and skill development rather than regulating the mode of instruction or curriculum, freeing institutions to find what works best for their learners and employer partners. Our Accreditation and Career Impact Audits are quality assurance metrics for programs that pursue excellence in preparing learners for meaningful work.

Join us in our mission to support employers, career-building learners, and educators to work together to a more prosperous future!
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Lauren Bauml
Marketing and Strategic Communications

Haven Chane
Quality Assurance Assistant

Ryan Ivers, EdD
Academic Solutions Specialist

Board of Directors

Tyler Parramore,

Dr. Kasey Thompson,
Ferris State University

Erin Valdez,
Texas Public Policy

Ken Ruggiero,
Ascent Funding

Jennifer Dirmeyer,

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WTEA association members and accreditation partners are creating a dynamic education ecosystem with career pathways and education models as varied as our diverse learner population.

We are educators, employers, nonprofits, and community leaders, working together to create a system where all learners have access to career-building education and training opportunities that work for them.

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